Crosman 160 disassembly

Breech Bolt Ass'y. Trigger Trigger Casing Ass'y. Locating Screw Nut. Casing Lock Washer 2. Strap Screw. Butt Plate. Tube Cap Ass'y. Plate Screw 2. Trigger Guard. Rear Sight. Rear Sight Elevator. Front Sight. Tube Plug. Front Sight Screw. Rear Sight Screw. Trigger Guard Screw. Trigger Spring. Old Style Stocks Unavailable. MODEL General operating instructions for this model are contained in the "Owner's Manual" which is attached to. Read it carefully. Study the drawing in this manual as you read the disassembly and assembly procedures and prior to dis.

Instructions are defined in assembly groups such as Sight Group, Tube Group, etc. Assembly is in reverse of disassembly but careful note must be made of "caution" procedures through.

Although each group.

Trouble disassembling a Crosman 160, 22 cal CO2 rifle

Many short cuts from factory experience have been written into these instructions. Sear Adjustment screws set too close preventing sear engagement. Adjustment instructions below. Sear and Trigger engagement area worn or damaged. Broken or incorrectly installed sear spring Trigger mechanism dirty and gummed by old dried lubricants. Pellgun oil.Earlier versions of the may have differences from the model examined and - although some QB78 parts may fit - Archer Airguns cannot guarantee this.

The same applies to the Crosman, and air rifles. Also, it is known that some manufacturing tolerances could be quite large between different batches of the and similar models: this can effect the suitability of the QB78 parts listed here.

So this information is offered based on our testing, but please understand these limitations. Given the complexity and specialized knowledge required to work on the Crosmanit is strongly suggested that you do NOT work on this air rifle yourself, even though many of these parts kits will fit that rifle.

Crosman 180 disassembly

Black synthetic stock kit for QB78 and Crosman airguns. Replacement valve. Now available signed by the author on request. Reseals the Crosmanand models. Various screws, nuts and washers. Replacement hammer assembly. Far superior to the standard bolt handle - improve your gun's handling! Cock on Opening Upgrade Kit. Replacement strap assembly. Rear Sight for pre Crosmanand Recommended for use with CO2 and pneumatic airguns.

Various Screws, Bolts etc. In some cases the pitch of screw threads is different, but the parts can be assembled. Product Categories. Airgun References. Important Information. Toggle navigation MENU.

Airgun Safety Warning. Parts for Crosman, and Air Rifles. Bore-Whips Cleaning Pull Throughs. Crosman Pellgunoil Recommended for use with CO2 and pneumatic airguns. QB78 Part. CR Equivalent Part. Hardwood Stock. Stock Kit. Both stocks are almost identical. The stock has a slightly longer forend, with the Front Band cut-out fouther forward than the QB78 stock. Butt Plate.

Butt Plate Screw x2.

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QB78 parts fit Front Band The QB78 assembly fits about as well as the part - that is tightly! Front Band Assembly. Front Band Kit.Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Afmuse76 Plinker Posts: yes. Stepped into an old rifle store today and found this old Crosman sitting with some other unextrodinary pellet guns. I knew it looked old so I asked him how much.

I got home and after some research we have narrowed it down to the second version produced between '' I don't know a whole lot about these guys, so any knowledge or advise is welcome.

crosman 160 disassembly

I have taken it apart already. Was pretty simple to disassemble. Here are pictures. Warner Robins, Georgia.

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Benjamin Marauder. Nice find. Looks like it's in good condition. Daystate PH6. Clean up the passages alittle when you put her back together and make sure the springs haven't faded in strength. You can use one empty and one full carts if you want to conserve or check function. The peep sight is a desirable option. Robinson scope mounts work great on these. Dont forget to check the barrel out before you shoot it just in case it has a stuck pellet lots of the old co2 guns I find have em and from the look of that bolt probe there is something going on.

Precision Pellet has lots of parts for these. I think you'll find it's a great and accurate airgun, after all the it was good enough for the chinese to copy. Snoqualmie, WA. Yes, another beauty.

crosman 160 disassembly

Great find. O rings need to be replaced, you need one, for the exhaust valve,where the two halfs screw together. IIRC the bolt Oring is a Thanks guys. Quote from: threex4 on December 08,PM. Turn around was a couple of days. Quote from: bobbyjim on December 09,AM. Picked up an assortment of O-rings yesterday. Seems they are the same size as the ones you guys have been telling me.

I also cleaned the stock with some Murphey's oil soap and Ironed out some dents. Looking good man!!!Part 1 Part 2. Fresh from the closet, another fine Crosman emerges into daylight. This is a target rifle — originally intended for foot ranges, so 10 meters, which is very close to 33 feet, is the distance I shot for this test.

Crosman 160

And I shot at meter rifle targets. This rifle was quite rusty when I got it, so today it came out of the stock for a thorough cleaning.

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The barreled action comes out of the stock by removing one nut on the bottom of the forearm and by removing the safety switch. To remove the switch, it must be turned toward SAFE while you push it out of the triggerguard. It will pop right out when you get it in the right position. The broken safety has been pushed out, and the nut removed from the stock. The barreled action is now ready to come out of the stock.

We will watch this one blossom.

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I was at the rifle range yesterday, and a friend delivered an air rifle that another friend had asked him to give me.

History The Crosman and There were several variations of the basic model over the years, but most airgunners rank them by their triggers.

There was a very simple trigger in the first variation from throughthen Crosman put out a very special variation with a super-adjustable trigger in the guns made after The Tech Force 79 Competition rifle is a lot of value for a very low price. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men…. I was supposed to be at the SHOT Show today, but the night before my flight left I went to the emergency room with what I thought might be appendicitis.

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It turned out to be a small but painful hernia, which cancelled all travel plans and heavy lifting for a while. Apparently, my extended hospital stays and being fed intravenously for so many months last year resulted in too much muscle loss.

The doctors believe it will heal up shortly without any surgery. Named the Rogue, we called it the electronic PCP during development, because it uses computer control of the valve to get far greater efficiency than has ever been possible.

The first made back in the s had a dirt-simple, direct-release, sear-type trigger that had no special advantages. This was the rifle that had a crossbolt safety through the stock.

This special promo is good through today Jan. You cannot combine coupons with the free shipping offer. It began in the s with the inception of the Crosman The was a. Back in the s, the was a minute-of-Oreo-cookie at 15 yards. As time passed and European pellets began arriving at our shores, the accuracy improved. The Crosman barrel was always well-rifled, but it took us several decades to realize how good it really was.

Powered by WordPress. Pelletier Part 1 Part 2 Fresh from the closet, another fine Crosman emerges into daylight. Pelletier Part 1 Fresh from the closet, another fine Crosman emerges into daylight.Thank you Derrick we have our in pieces on our pool table and your pictures with descriptions helped. Jay n moe. Ok I saw you had the air chamber out and said there was s piece of felt in the front Do you mean where the plunger is?

Cause I have a and when I shoot the co2 leaks right out the chamber Any help would be nice. It seems the set screw for the hammer assembly is missing in mine. Is there a replacement screw like a set screw to use in its replacement? I'm finishing up now and noticed my adjusting cock screw is dialed way in and in your picture yours is dialed all the way back.

Do you know which is the 'default' factory position Crosman mentions in the manual? Hope you reading this.

Crosman 160 Factory Service Manual

I just got my and don't want to pry on anything i shouldn't. John, the valve face has a slot from the factory. It's necessary so you can tighten the valve halves together inside the tube to expand the o-ring to seal the gas tube. Mine has no slot, I looked with a magnifying glass with a flashlight.

Also the adjustment hole for co2 adjustment with the allen wrench is not there. Is it possible mine is a really early model? Where do you think I could get a replacement butt plate for my old Crossman ? Mine was sold as a J C Higgins. Terry kiowa hotmail. Terry, I'd probably hunt eBay for a similar looking, and similar sized plastic plate.Condition: Vintage — Professionally resealed and in good working condition.

The Crosman is a. They were made from to It was cleaned, lubed, and resealed in our shop. Velocity tested at around fps using Add to cart. Select options. Multi Pump Pneumatic. Your email address will not be published. Join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available. By ticking this box you agree to an account being created using the given email address and to receive waitlist communications by email.

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Enter your email address to join the waitlist for this product. The wood stock is in Excellent Plus condition with the original finish. Also included…. More from Crosman. Crosman Model Air Rifle 0 out of 5. Add to Wishlist. Quick View.

Condition: Vintage - Professionally resealed and in good working condition. Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock 0 out of 5. Crosman P American Classic Black 0 out of 5. Crosman Model Air Rifle 5. More in Airgun Accessories. Brass Dust Cover for Crosman thru 0 out of 5. Brass dust covers are for use with Crosman models thru to cap the fill port.Great timing for me : I've got a Cr that I need to overhaul soon - before CO2 weather gets here, anyway. I need to make myself one of those valve tools.

I'll be watching, see if I can pick up any tips.

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Good luck! Joel, Check the index on the right side of the blog. We've done a bunch of posts on the Derrick, Are you going to recess the stock fixing nut upon reassembly?

crosman 160 disassembly

Ryan, I wasn't planning on it, but man, I really hate that nut protruding from the stock. After I thought about it, I need to make a new locator stud anyway. So, if I can recess the fastener without altering the stock, I'm going to do it. Fabulous pix Mr. I inherited a through nofault of my own and as I love a challenge am thinking of trying my hand it. Hope I can handle this but hey, it was free to begin with.

Stay tuned. Joe fm Wisc. Post a Comment. All content, pictures and text, at copyright Nicholas Carter and Derrick Kortvejesi respectively, and on through time until we run out of pellets. Another Airgun Blog. A blog about tinkering with airguns. Thursday, March 10, Overhauling a Crosman Part 1. I briefly mentioned this Crosman last year, and even made a bulk-fill cap for it, but the other day, it started leaking from the valve stem.

Fair enough--it's at least 40 years old. Time for a full tear down and rebuild. Just a few pics. Started by removing the two screws holding the aperture sight. Next, the safety has to be removed.

Rotated it until it pointed down. Or in this picture, up. Then pushed it out from the opposite side. Almost there Like so.

And the action pulls out of the stock. Removed the two screws holding the trigger assembly to the gas tube.

crosman 160 disassembly

And the end caps come right off. Same size wrench removed the setscrew holding the barrel.


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